Friday, November 18, 2011

Fresh Baked Bread...!

So I baked some bread today. The aroma is making the entire house smell like a bakery and it's wonderful!!! This on top of a great day is awesome! in my woods class I'm almost done with a bowl I've made on a Lathe. It's really cool to make something that looks like pottery out of wood! Loved spending today with my wonderful friends and family!


  1. I used to be a Potter... and I've tried wood turning too. I was a bit scared of the sharp thingees you have to use to cut the wood and I gave up after getting a few frights with it kicking back at me!
    I hope that doesn't happen to you.
    There is nothing better to smell than fresh bread baking!

  2. Baking bread is the best smell ever. Will we see a picture of the bowl when you are done?

  3. I have had it kick back at me. But I like it enough that it doesn't really phase me. And I will get a picture up when it is done.

  4. Stay with it. Wood working will always be something you can do at very little cost!! Boppa